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About JobisJob

JobisJob gives jobseekers and recruiters a head-start by making it easy for them to find each other. JobisJob has been driving high quality applicants to Job boards and Employers since 2007. We’re in 28 countries and 9 languages. Features like Trends, Job Market Insights, and Partner pages make us not only an important marketing tool for job boards but also one of the leading Job search engines worldwide. With our new Job Market Insights, we can help you intelligently define your Sales and Marketing strategies and maximize your performance to boost your revenue and market share. Using Category and Location Distribution, Customer Penetration and Missing advertiser reports you’ll be able to compare yourself to the market, analyse market trends, spot advertiser and upsell opportunities.

What is Job Market Insights?

Job Market Insights provides a 360º view of the labour market. Using big data analytics, we’ve created a tool that allows you to effectively compare yourself to the market, analyse market trends and gain insight into key client behaviour as well as missing advertisers. Job Market Insights offers the opportunity to centralize all your existing tools for sales and marketing analytics in one simple tool, accessible by all users across your organisation. Our Corporate Strategy tools such as Category and Location Distribution, Company Distribution and Share variation will allow you to gain valuable insights into your market share as well as your positioning amongst your competitors for each job sector and location. Easily identify your strongest sectors, where you hold the most market share, and analyse emerging markets. Discover your ranked position for each location compared to the competition. Business Development tools can help you target potential new customers in specific locations and sectors, spot upsell opportunities, and Track key client behaviour. See market share compared to your competitors for all your major accounts. We help you identify potential new customers working with your competitors and not with you so you can increase revenue potential, gain new customers and grow your market share. With Job Market Insights you will be able to improve business operations, acquire market knowledge, improve your value proposal and anticipate needs within your market. Through processes such as deduplication, standardized categories and normalization of standard fields we’re able to provide an accurate and comprehensive view of the job market.