Strategic Questions: Solutions provided by Job Market Insights Job Market Insights gives you answers to fundamental business questions

Market Insights

  • What is the size of the market?
  • How many companies are posting vacancies?
  • What are the top recruiting channels?
  • How is the market distributed?
  • What is the market share for top customers?

Business Insights

  • What is my market trend?
  • Who are my main competitors and how can I detect market overlap?
  • How many companies are posting with us and what is my content share?
  • How can I track my gains and losses in the market?

Business Development

  • How can I pinpoint new business potential?
  • What is the market behaviour of my missing advertisers?
  • Can I detect which missing advertiser is a previous client?
  • Which are the hard-to-fill positions and what are the recurrent roles being posted?