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The market view provides a summary of job offers posted in the market during the selected period and the number of companies that posted these offers. Additional features include pay to sponsor figures which provide a quick view of potential strategic leads within your market.

Views in Job Market Insights can be customised for direct comparison and in-depth analysis.

Market overview

Top Job sites

This view ranks the top job sites in the market based on total number of unique offers and companies posted during the selected period. Advanced features within Job Market Insights allow direct comparison and analysis of key players in the recruitment industry.

Market overview

Sep 2019

The section below details the leading job titles, advertisers, sectors and locations based on the total number of unique offers posted within the selected period. Views can be filtered and customised in order to detect market trends, identify upsell opportunities, spot hard to fill positions and for an in-depth analysis to make strategic business decisions.

Top Job Titles

Top Advertisers

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